Cloud based contact center - on mobile devices

Your contact center colleagues can serve the customers by using mobile devices

Main Components

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Born in the Cloud

Our system does not require any on premise installation. The contact center agents can use our system via normal web browsers or mobile applications.

Self service - IVR

Our cloud based IVR solution can provide customers with fully featured self services – even without involving human agents.

Intelligent call routing

The cloud based server environment tracks the status of each contact center agents. Even when they are using mobile devices. Routing the call is based on this up-to-date status information.

Flexible services

Your contact center agents can reach the system from anywhere independently from their actual location. Thus they can serve customers even when they cannot access a physical computer workstation.

Our Team

Competitive advantages

Centrally managed

The cloud based architecture of our system enables the contact center managers, admins or supervisors to control the work processes and customer service without any limitations.

Supporting mobile devices

Your contact center agents can serve customers even when they are not able to access a physical computer. They can provide full value work during business trips, customer visits or remote or home work.

Ergonomical workspace

Each processes and user interfaces of our system were designed by professional UX (User Experience) experts. This results an easy to use but still effective system with a wide variety of features.

Working from home

With the home work support you can involve those colleagues to the valuable work who can only work part time or who could not be your team member without the possibility of working from home.

Inbound and Outbound Call Handling

Full scale contact center services with inbound and outbound call handling – including campaign management

Customer Data and History

In sync with the call reaching an agent all the available customer data and contact history is being displayed

Call Forwarding

With consultative transfer function the agent can forward the call and the attached data to other experts.


Multilanguage Support

All components of our system support multi language customer service

Integration with Campaign Manager

Our system can be easily integrated to modern camapaign management systems

Flexible Expansion

Adding new agents to the system can be done easily without the need for complicated integration processes



On-Duty maintenance system

Your technical support team can provide your customers with their expertise even when they are onsite.


Your sales staff’s main duty is visiting potential customers, but with using Mobile Contact Center they can handle requests while they are on their business trip. This gives extra advantage for their efficiency.

International helpdesk

Thank to the mobile devices, the international cooperation can be handled just as if the helpdesk agents were sitting in a central contact center office.

Security monitoring

Security team can receive and send useful pieces of information even when they are in charge or a remote site visit.


You can manage and assist the work of your logistics staff centrally. They can receive up to date information about their next tasks while working on a given case.